Alec Steele Josh Logan Liam Alexander

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  • April 2, 2016

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Our bait-bois, Liam and Josh (Who are now dating... aww), go trawling the streets once again with their talented crew on a search for hot cock. Always lucky, our bait-bois find Alec, a local guy keen for a "bit of help" who believes that what his boyfriend doesn't know won't hurt him. It doesn't take our bait-bois long before Alec is on his way to our bait-boi's borrowed bedroom. A quick strip and several hungry cock sucking scenes later and Alec finds himself tied to the bed and being rode by our Josh. Nipple-biting and more cock sucking is followed by Alec getting pounded up the arse by our bait-boi Liam before all three shoot their creamy white boi loads

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